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Clean water Projects

For innocent Sri Lankan’s who are susceptible to deadly kidney diseases , this is an effort to provide them with clean drinking water. To clean and clear water of heavy metal contaminants, and to provide water to areas that have no direct water access. This is the main goal of this project.

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North central province is vital in the production of rice in the country. Most people living in this area are innocent farmers who depending on farming to sustain their daily lives. These days the water in this area contains a murky taste. This is mainly due to the high content of chemicals present in the water base. Tests have shown up that the main cause of such chemicals in the water base originated from pesticides and fertilizer used for farming. Toxins such as Arsenic, Cadmium and Mercury are mixed with drinking water thus leading to deadly illnesses.

The residet living in this are not only use this water for drinking but also use the same contaminated water for cooking purposes as well. Due to this a large portion of innocent people in the north central province have been susceptible to fatal kidney illnesses. To explain further the epidemic caused by unclean water, in areas such as Padavi Parakramapura research has found that 20% of the residence suffer from kidney illnesses.

There are many ways we can save our citizens from this deadly epidemic. The main course of action to protect the citizens of this area is to provide them with clean drinking water.

Even now small water purification centers have been established in certain areas. However the volume of clean water produced by these stations are not enough to meet the demand. There are long lines of people who have to wait for purification to be completed, and even small children have to make the long trip to get the service of the overcrowded purification centers. The picture above depicts a mother in the Padaviya area who is waiting in line with her child to collect clean water.

A majority of individuals living in this area live with very harsh economic constraints. Therefore they are in no position to fund a large water purification center for themselves. That is why your help is needed to build a large water purification center for the benefit of the citizens of these affected areas. This would be a kind and noble gift.

Due to the use of chemical pesticides and the incorporation of heavy metals in the water table present in the North Central province and adjoining provinces ,also due to the consumption of this water by local residents , Chronic kidney disease or CKD is an epidemic that is fast spreading. Within the last 8 to 10 years this epidemic has been one of the most serious health concerns in sri lanka. Since the root cause for this illness was not found until recently it was known as the Unidentified kidney disease. The difference with this kidney disease and other kidney diseases is that the patient does not show any symptoms for a long period of time, and are hidden from view . Eventually ending in death . specifically young individuals and individuals who are in the agriculture industry , who are between the ages of 40 and 60 are the most susceptible. The disease was first reported in 1992 and since that there have been reports of thousands of cases

Chronic kidney disease does not shut down the kidney instantly, but it shuts down the kidney gradually over a period of years. It has been found that the shutting down of the kidney occurs in 5 stages. The final or 5th stage being the full shut down of the kidney, and is known as the last stage of kidney disease.When an individual reaches this stage the kidney is at the final stages of shut down or is non functional. At this stage a patient has to go through the blood cleaning process of Dialysis or implanting of a new donor kidney . Due to the fact that the symptoms of this illness remain hidden in the initial stages, patients are unaware of the seriousness of their condition until the 5th and final stage

How can you help?

For individuals living in a corner of our own country , who do no have the opportunity to access a clean drop of water , and to provide them with much needed clean water was the motivation behind the Shraddha Pivituru Pan puja Project. With the help of this project water purification centers will be opened to prevent the spread of Kidney illnesses caused by contaminated water. The most effective method used to clean contaminants such as arsenic, cadmium and mercury is the process of reverse osmosis . ( RO)

Why should they be helped ?

A rough estimate for the cost of one water purification filter unit is RS 10 00000 and A housing has to be constructed to place the filter as well. A plan is underway to construct such units in villages with the help of village temples. Therefore local residents can obtain clean drinking water with the assistance of the local temple.

To be a part of this project and have the opportunity to collect merits, you can participate by means mentioned below .

1 Shraddha Clean water project initial donations

To take part in this meritorious project , you can provide financial assistance in an amount of your choosing the donated funds should be deposited at the below mentioned bank account.

Bank:: Sampath Bank – Kaduwela

Ac Number:: 1162 1399 8878

Ac Name:: Shraddha Media Network

The receipt that you received after depositing the funds should be marked as “pivithuru pan pooja” and be mailed to Shraddha Tv or Emailed to

2 Participation of companies for the Shraddha Clean water project.

Your company or the company you work for can be involved in this meritorious endeavour. Here your company can sponsor a water purification center for a village or multiple villages , under the guidance of Shraddah tv

3. Additional equipment donations for Shraddha Clean water project.
You can take part in this meritorios project by donating the water tanks needed for this project or helping with the construction of the housing unit that stores the purification station.

4 volunteering for the construction of purification centers

for times and opportunities for volunteering your skills and abilities , please consult the Shraddha webpage

If you like more information on this meritorious project please contact 071 437 15 22

Our Solutions

Due to this tragedy that has been caused by consuming unclean toxic water, and the harsh effects of Kidney disease that follow , we at Shraddah tv along with The Kalaniya university Scientific research division, and the Civil defence department , have teamed up for Shraddah Pivithuri Pan Pooja. This Project will be executed under the stages described below


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