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Let’s Practice Generosity.

DanaPlease reserve a day in the calendar below. You can  come and offer the dana in the early morning. If you  like to make the date recurring (come every month  on that day) please indicate in the form below.

Thank you so much. As a founding supporter of Sunshine Meditation Center (Mahamevnawa Florida) even your little contributions will go a long way,

with metta,

your kalyanamittā

Dana – Coordination, call Malka Rodrigo at 813-453-1704 or 813-961-5296

Dana – Coordination, call Malka Rodrigo at 813-453-1704

Sangha Dana: The Gift of Support for the Monastic Community

When the Buddha designed the spiritual life for his monastic and lay followers, he created a system of mutual dependence. Lay people who lived in the world would provide the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing, and medicine to the monks and nuns. The monastics would then be free to learn and practice the Buddha’s teachings to the highest level. By providing material support, lay people get to practice material generosity and monastics get to practice spiritual generosity by sharing the teachings they have learned.

This spiritual relationship is maintained to this day by the monks living in the monastery in Tampa, Florida. Every day lay people have the opportunity to come and offer breakfast and lunch to the monks. This then gives them an opportunity to listen to teachings and ask questions.

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