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2012-06-06_2144-300x175The spiritual community at Sunshine Meditation Center demonstrates how following the Buddhist path of loving kindness and compassion creates a peaceful and harmonious environment that is a pleasure for all who visit.

The residential monastic community and lay practitioners as well  as outside members and supporters equally contribute to the life and activities of Sunshine Meditation Center through their dedicated work. This includes offering daily meals for free to the resident meditators (monks & lay people), cleaning, maintenance, shopping, office work, and running courses. In addition, the resident community principally supports the daily maintenance and functioning of Meditation Monastery.

All our study programs are available for everyone, including introduction to Early Buddhist teachings and meditation practices, daily devotional pujas (chanting meditations) and weekend retreats and many other courses throughout the year.


Becoming a resident lay practitioner or monk at the Sunshine Meditation Center is a special way to contribute to the flourishing of the Dhamma as taught by the Buddha himself and an opportunity to begin and deepen our experience of true happiness.

To offer any volunteer work and for more information on becoming a resident please contact the administrative committee by emailing info@sunshinemeditation.org

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